Artist statement


In my work I focus on exploring space. It can be a painting or an installation, abstraction

or landscape. Contact with the work bring context and meaning to it.

Space does not require anything it lets you be. But it could have an affect on your being. In my practice I trust the process. Paints and objects get mixed with emotions, worries and the weather outside. Every artwork for me is an exiting journey without a specific endpoint. I am truly curious where it’ll get me.



Short bio


I was born in 1991 in Moscow. I’ve graduated from British Higher School of Art and design as BA in Illustration in 2014. I had many jobs in design, illustration, animation, video production for a few years. But at some point

I took courage to become an artist and started my journey away from design towards painting and experiment. I’ve learned to express things as I feel them and trust myself. I work with color, rhythm and emotion somewhere between abstract and representative art. For the last six years I’ve been making art projects with children and learning from them to be brave, fast and honest. Since 2021 I’m teaching adults too.

Nature is my big inspiration and my best friend. It affects my visual language a lot.

I go for a long walks and look around every day. Being outdoor is vital to me. I feel that outside I absorb shapes, rhythms and colours and they come with me to my art practice. Most of the time I live in the country not far from Moscow where I have a studio near the field and the forest.





2009-2014 British Higher School of Art and Design&University of Hertfordshire, BA in Illustration


Language skills:


Russian - native

English - fluent



Solo exhibitions:


2022 - solo exhibition LULU Space (Moscow)

2020 - «Inside the whirlwind» solo exhibition , 25 Kadr Gallery. (Moscow)


Selected group exhibitions:


2023 - «An Orangery», Paradnaya space, (Saint-Petersburg)

2023 - «Journey home», DiDi Gallery, (Saint-Petersburg)

2023 - PORT Art Fair, (Saint-Petersburg)

2021 - «Contiguous spaces», AZOT gallery, CUBE.Moscow, (Moscow)

2020 - BLAZAR  Art Fair with OilyOil gallery (Moscow)

2019 - «Mutatio» group show by Art laboratory PinkGrig Library/ media center na Argunovskoi (Moscow)

2018 - “Boa constrictor eating an elephant”, a special project of the VI Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, 25KADR GALLERY,”(Moscow)

2016 - «Project Space» No Man’s Art Gallery (Amsterdam)

2015 - «This is my place», Total Art Club Gallery (Moscow)

2015 - «Presentiment» Kitch-and-Art Gallery (Kuala-Lumpur)

2012 - «Mutation» 180m2 Gallery (Moscow)